Thebes: Equinox

Captains log star date 16


Right before entering the portal we find ourselves at the round table talking about plans. The plan on how we will be born in reality and bring into being an angel. After going through the portal we appear again at the table which is now smaller and missing some people. The Sear asks us if we want to continue because we are going to go past the point of no return. Roland speaks up saying we pretty much must go on. We are asked to find her avatar which looks like her. Roland asks about the blue comet fragments but gets nothing of note back.

After going through the portal bright light almost blinds us. After gaining our view we notice islands with one of them projecting an elemental sphere. Upon closer inspection we notice a war broken out. Joining the fray we destroy every ship but one that escapes! There was a giant circle, some orcs, and a planet. The evil guys had shot some rocks at the main planet that is covered in ice.



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