Thebes: Equinox

Captains log star date 15

Fire, fire everywhere!

Harolde and Winston looted the enemy ship finding two rings and several magical swords. During the search several ships appeared some Uroks and one of the enemy ships similar to the one we were looting. The Uroks tried to talk Cho into joining them on a journey to find all the lost citizens of the world. I pondered what about the Zephyr? More searching reveals notes with writing similar to those ship blueprints found long ago. Also a key found inside a locket. Breaking down doors is hard but 3 vials secured of some liquid. Busting open a chest an explosion of fire engulfs the room. The chest starts making some sound so we wander to the next room. Inside more magical weapons (2 rapiers) and a foot locker.

Going back to the other room… it is now on fire! Zekkyra and I attempt to put out the fire cause this is fun and we want to spend the entire night trying to put out a fire. We failed.

After some random logistics are put together our party heads out. Noticing three huge ships made of a crystal with a doughnut around it emerging from the freeze. The doughnut is covered in a mushroom forest. Roland has a brilliant idea of using a covert ship as a kamikaze ship and sends it into one of the ships. Upon getting closer to the ships we notice they have created a vortex. Then for some reason he decides to send us all through a vortex.

Passing through the vortex we come out on the other side. On the other side there is some sort of defense mechanism that opens fire upon us.

Ring of ForceShield 2 ac shield
Ring of Climbing +5 climb
3 potion of healingx3
13 magical swords
2 magical rapiers



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