Thebes: Equinox

Captains log star date 14

mist kills all

We spend a bunch of time getting down to the harmonics bay and then Winston instantly cuts a hole in the bay which spews out red mist. We attempt to help people out of cages while this mist will just turn them all into zombies.

Leaving them we go back to the island ship and taunt the insect creature. After luring him away from the library we banish him. Back through the library we head down to the harmonics bay.

Once in the harmonics bay Roland closes the door and sets the entire island a flame. Purifying the ship with fire. Then he soothes the ship with cooling winds.

Roland then interviews the crew on the enemy ship to find someone that can use the Zephyrs harmonics bay to create an escalator to bring everyone down. We destroy a magical sword that the bug creature was using. And we attempt to salvage some gear from the enemy ship…



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