Thebes: Equinox

Captains log star date 13


Roland stumbles upon two children playing. In his usual diplomatic mode he attempts to negotiate with them. They agree to show us to their leader. Along the way more children join at a large mushroom. Samual, Felipe, and Adelaide are all attracted to the mushroom. Roland and Cho attempt to restrain them but the children try to intervene.

Roland turns into a wolf and combat begins. Roland attempts to subdue Adelaide. Samual, Felipe, Adelaide, and Zekkyra all begin to crawl towards the mushroom. Cho grabs one of the nymphs. The nymphs start chucking balls of acid at Roland and Cho while the rest continue to crawl. Eventually Roland thinks we are all doomed and he escapes to find another way. Leaving everyone else. Shortly after Zekkyra and Samual shake off the spell effects. Samual notices Cho is leaving the party and requests help with Felipe. Gathering the rest of the party we walk away, however, we are being followed…

The group meets up with Roland and then talks back to Harolde. Upon arrival Harolde notices the nymphs hanging out. Hearing that they are evil he attacks. Then the entire party gets a hankering for mushrooms except Harolde! Slowly every party member gets pulled back to our ship but they still want mushrooms. So Harolde commands us all to go to the enemy ship instead so adventuring can continue.



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