Thebes: Equinox

Captains log star date 12

The plague is upon us.

…pew pew pew still shooting this massive ship. A bright light comes from the side of the ship, upon further focus it appears to be Roland! Harolde directs the science bay to dispatch the tank drone to fly out to grab Roland. Harolde commands the X-Ray gun to see what it can see, it notices some weird spell being cast and the front of the ship opening. Firing a dragons breath shell the front of the ship bursts in flames. The man on the X-Ray gun shoots at some crystal that seems to be pulsating.
Roland makes it back and says that there are a bunch of caged people on the ship. He also confirmed what the X-Ray gun guy was seeing with the spells. After several shots of Flachette and X-Ray gun the spell ends. Everyone in the party escapes the ship via the tank bot.
Back upon our ship, Rad brings a blighted creature with him. Dietlinde implores us to rid the ship of the blight, which we do via FIRE.
Then Roland sets his mind to how to secure the cages from the other ship. At the same time Harolde keeps firing upon the enemy ship via Flachette and X-Ray guns.
Winston salvaged some useless equipment from another ships while we sat around and rested. Winston placed the equipment in the hull and noticed some of the blue rocks had turned into regular rocks.
Samuel, Felipe, Rad, Cho, Adelade, and Roland marshalled over to the Zephyra. When arriving on the Zephyra they notice that there is a reddish mist billowing from the tree ring.



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