Urok Culture

Combat Tradition

Non-urok characters gain a +2 cultural bonus to tumble checks and all characters treat tumble as a class skill. If the tumble skill is used to move through a square occupied with a melee target to the opposite square (base DC:25) and attacks the target in that same round, now from behind, the target will be denied its dexterity bonus to AC, a touch attack as the opening for a grapple attempt made from this maneuver prevents an attack of opportunity.

When initiating a grapple attempt, once your character has established a grab he may option to perform a throw instead of a hold. A throw immediately breaks the grapple propelling the target to the ground 5 feet behind the character and dealing 1d6 nonlethal damage. A throw done in this manner is performed exactly as establishing a hold. A throw may be attempted when escaping a grapple as well if the opposed grapple rolls are succeeded by a margin of 4 or greater. Successfully throwing an opponent while escaping a grapple allows you to choose the direction the opponent is thrown.

If a grapple attempt is made from behind as part of a sneak attack or under identical circumstances, the character may transition from a successful grab into a blood choke. A blood choke is functionally identical to a pin except that if it is maintained consecutively for a number of rounds equal to half the target’s constitution they are rendered unconscious for 2d10 rounds. A blood choke may be attempted during a normal grapple and is performed identically to pinning your opponent.

Complete rules for the tumble skill and grapple checks are found in the PHB on pages 84 and 156 respectively.

Cultural bonus of +4 to appraise checks when dealing with arms and armor.

Crafted masterwork weapons receive an additional +1 to damage, masterwork armor has its armor check penalty reduced by a total of 2 and arcane spell failure chance reduced by 5%.

Receive dire axe, double chain, and dire sword weapon proficiencies as bonus feats at level 1.

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Urok Culture

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