The Equinox

Design Goals

Old Equinox Stats

AC: 12-18, Max Shields: 50, Hull: 20, System Power: 18

New Equinox Base Stats

Large Sized: Base AC -2, Base Hull +5, Shadow Drive System Add-On
AC: 10-27, Max Shields: 35, Hull 25, System Power: 20
Ablative Armor Plates: Armor Bonus to AC +2, Dodge Bonus to AC +1, Permanent Energy Protection +5 Speed per Propulsion Power, +5 Acceleration per 2 Propulsion Power.

Power Max Velocity / Acceleration Evasive Maneuvers
2 Hover +0 AC
4 80 / 20 +5 AC
6 120 / 35 +9 AC
8 160 / 60 +13 AC
10 200 / 105 +17 AC
Power Max Shield Regen
1 5 1 per Rnd
2 10 3 per Rnd
3 16 5 per Rnd
4 24 7 per Rnd
5 35 9 per Rnd
Shadow Drive
Power Effect Description
4 Shadow Image Constructs a semi-real duplicate of the ship that maneuvers as you specify, 5 shields, 1 hull, deals 1d2 damage per round if it attacks, LoS range.
4 Mirage Ship becomes severely visually distorted to onlookers, gains 20% Miss Chance
6 Displacement Visual distortion displaces ships visage, gains 50% Miss Chance
8 Invisibility As Displacement but visually undetectable, Gain +2 to hit and ignores Maneuverability AC Bonus
12 Shadow Cloak As Invisibility but masks sound, stifles air displacement, and protects against True Seeing and similar spells
Weapon Power Shield Damage Hull Damage Collateral Damage Crit Reload Range Increment Maned
EMR Rifle +2 3 1 1 3d12+3 11 (x10) 1/ 2 Rnds 500ft 1 Gunner
Focus Laser +2 1+ - 1d2 (+2/Power) x5 20 (x3) 1+/ Rnd 1000ft 1 Harmonicist
Tactical Cannon (x4) 1 1d8 2d8 3d8, 10ft 18 (x2) 1/ 2 Rnds 200ft 2 Gunners
Gatling Cannon (x4) 2 2d4 1d4 3d12+3 20 (x2) 1/ Rnd 200ft 1 Gunner
Particle Beam +2 4 2d12+4 2d6+2 20d6 11 (x2) 1/ Rnd 1000ft 1 Gunner and 1 Scientist
Auxiliary Systems
Auxiliary System Power
Focus Drone 5
Dimensional Gate 2
Blink Furnace 2/ Rnd/ Charge (10)
Gravity Beam 1/ 500lbs, 3/ 1 Shield AC
Event Fissure 2/ d6 or d4+
Change Request Log
Chassis Redesign to Turbine Engine
Type Change Benefit Cost
Primary Chassis Redesigned to Turbine Engine Ships Dodge AC Bonus Range: 0-16, Ships Speed Dramatically Increased See Options
Primary Option Ablative Ceramic Plated Wooden Hull Ships AC from Armor is increased by +2, +1 AC 120 Manpower Days
Primary Option Armor Plated Wooden Hull Ships AC from Armor increased by +4 120 Manpower Days
Primary Option Zha’Kai Steel Plated Wooden Hull DC 31 (25 plus half of party level) Caster Level Check to Teleport or Scry on to the Ship 180 Manpower Days
Primary Option Reinforced Steel Hull Ships AC from Armor increased by +4, +10 Hull, (Power Cost to Engines Increased by 1) 180 Manpower Days
Ship Size
Size Penalty Benefit Space Cost Multiplier
Medium - - Enough Space for Full Crew Rotation and 4 Small VIP Bedrooms x1
Large -2 AC +5 Hull Adds two 40ft blocks to the ship, enough for 8 more small rooms, space to grow 2 systems, space to add a new system, comfortably supports 10 more crew than medium x1.5
Huge -4 AC, +1 Power Cost to Propulsion +10 Hull, +5 Max Shields Adds four 40ft blocks to the ship, enough to add two new systems and comfortably support 22 more crew than medium x2
Gargantuan -6 AC, +2 Power Cost to Propulsion +15 Hull, +10 Max Shields 6 Blocks, 44 Crew x3
Introduction of a Gravity Crystal Matrix
Type Change Benefit Cost
Primary Introduction of a Gravity Crystal Matrix Perfect Maneuverability, Required for Chassis Redesign 30 Manpower Days
Primary Option Welling Cut Doubles Focus Laser damage output and half of the damage ignores Shields -
Primary Option Repulsor Cut Shields have DR 2 -
Primary Option Focus Cut Channel spell-like effects on off-board targets powered by the Ship -
Secondary Armored Array Gravity Turbines are Armored, Only taking System Damage when the Ship is at half HP or lower +15 Manpower Days
Secondary Grav Beam Lift Objects, Deflect Projectiles, Slow Fleeing Targets, A Tractor Beam +50 Manpower Days (max 2)
Secondary Well Generator Doubles Acceleration +50 Manpower Days (max 2)

Focus Cut Gravity Crystals provide spell-like effects to ground troops at a cost of 1 ship power per spell level per target. Spell List: Expeditious Retreat (1), Feather Fall (1), Jump (1), Levitate (2), Fly (3), Haste (3).

Harmonics Redesign and Expansion
Type Change Benefit Cost
Primary Harmonics Expansion Power Increase, Required for Chassis Redesign 15 Manpower Days
Primary Option Eye Faceted Laser base Damage is increased to 1d6 -
Primary Option Blunt Faceted Shields Charge Faster -
Primary Option Focus Faceted Spells may be cast from Harmonics, targeting off-board targets and multiplying the spells range by 5 -
Secondary Armored Core External Harmonics Crystal is Armored, Only taking Damage when the Ship is at half HP or lower +15 Manpower Days
Secondary Crystal Expansion +2 Ship Power +35 Manpower Days (max 1)
Secondary Event Fissure Allows Harmonics to produce an Elemental Event in Atmosphere +35 Manpower Days (max 2)
New Main Gun
Mode Description Designer
Rail Gun Heavy Physical Projectile with 0 Travel Time Winston
Particle Beam Physical Damage Laser and Cutting Tool Winston
Plasma Caster Long Range Weapon Ignites the Air where its Focused Winston
Arc Projector A Lightning Bolt that you can Aim Chassis
Drone Swarm A Cloud of Laser Firing Drones Adelaide
Resonance Blade A Focused Sonic Wave Capable of Cutting Steel Adelaide
Cluster Rockets A Single Projectile that Deploys Six Hellish Rockets Zekkyra
Arrangement Description
Forward Firing from the front of the ship, aiming in a narrow sweep
Twin Forward Like forward but there’s 2 of them
Deck Mounted Maned from the rear top deck, aiming in a wide sweep
Twin Deck Like Deck but mounted on either side of the ship
Frills Description
Recklessly Large Winston designs the weapon to be ship-destroyingly powerful, powerful enough to cause considerable property damage
Non-Lethal Adelaide Designs the weapon to better for disable and capture rather than destruction
Ultra-Lethal Zekkyra designs the weapon to have higher collateral damage

The Equinox

Thebes: Equinox Violus