Shadow Powers

Shadow Walk

Use Cost Damage
Walk 5+Movement 4d6/ 5ft. Neg Energy
Phase Movement x3 4d6 Years
Grip 15 +5/rnd. 4d6/rnd. Neg Energy

Cho Ku Throk, Harolde, and Roland possess the ability to phase into the realm between life and death. A character with this ability gets 5ft. +5ft per 3 levels of movement per day to spend in a variety of ways.

Using this ability a player may phase through a square occupied by an enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity. The character must spend 5ft plus however many feet it would take to move completely through the enemy. For each square of enemy the character passes through on the move action the enemy is dealt 4d6 damage, Fort save for half.

Using this ability a character may pass completely through solid matter, such as a wall. Moving through solid mater is more difficult than passing through living tissue so what ever the distance traveled costs 3 times that in Shadow Walk feet. All matter or objects which are passed through age 4d6 years.

Spending 15ft. a character may make a touch attack as a move action. A successful attack means that the character has reached through the targets chest and gripped them by the heart, dealing 4d6 damage per round and conferring a penalty of -4 to AC. Half of any damage taken by the character is instead taken by the target while they are gripped. As long as the target has not wrestled free, maintaining the grip the next round requires only 5ft. A target so gripped may only take action to free itself by making an opposed strength check.

Each use of this ability uses a minimum of 5ft.

The Calling

Any creature that is resurrected by direct action or general will of a celestially aligned being will always return. If the soul was unwilling then it is (in part or entirely) replaced with a freed soul willing to take up arms for the good of existence.

Shadow Powers

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