Quest Items


Name Attack Damage Type Range Special Enchantments Plot Qualities
Oathbreaker’s Katana (Gregor’s Katana) +2, MW & Enchant 1d10+1 P, S Melee Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Katana, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bayoneted Pistol Haunted by Gregor – Weapon shares its memories of Gregor’s travels with the one that feeds it blood.
Captain’s Revolving Pistol (Gregor’s Revolving Pistol) +1, MW 2d6+1 B 120 Two Weapon Fighting, Oathbreaker’s Stance, Gains combat bonuses from bayoneted blade, Fires 3 shots before reload, full round reload -
Scrollthief’s Blade (Gregor’s Kriss) +2, MW & Enchant 1d6+1 P, S Melee Provides +2 shield bonus against melee on any round no off hand attack is made and it is wielded in the off hand, bonus stacks with Oathbreaker’s Stance Haunted by Gregor.
Stance Benefit
Oathbreaker’s Stance Oathbreaker’s Stance, as part of a move action you can assume a stance designed for combat with a katana and bayoneted pistol. While in the stance gain a +1 to hit with armed attacks, a +2 shield bonus to AC in any round that no attack is made with the offhand weapon. When you are fighting defensively or using the total defense action, this shield bonus increases to +4. If a melee attacker misses by a difference of 4 or more they provoke an attack of opportunity, in this moment, with the target off balance and out of position, a particularly devastating pistol shot may be attempted that if successful deals +4d8 damage.
Name Attack Damage Type Range Special Enchantments Plot Qualities
Laser Whip (Lightsaber Hilt) +1 1d2+1 Fire (Light) 15ft Reach Uses Dexterity instead of Strength, Blinds target on crit (20×2) for 1d2 rounds. Chance to ignite flammable materials, reflex save DC=15+Damage. One of Winston’s gifts to his new officers.


Name Armor Type Special Enchantments Plot Qualities
Heavy Wooden Shield of Sunlight (Scrollkeepers Shield) +3, +5 against Evil Weapons Shield +1 to hit with a shield bash action, +3 to hit and +2d6 light damage against undead
Magic Pocket Watch - Jewelry Setting or winding one watch effectively duplicates the effects on all watches. One of Winston’s gifts to his new officers.


Name Special Plot
Black Book Untranslated Bible of the White Elf people.
Locked Spell Book All level 1 and 2 wizard spells from the PHB. Also contains necessary spells for the production of Pure Nightmare Wine.
Journal: Nightmare Corruption This book was burned by Harolde. Contains detailed instruction and notes on cultivating Nightmare Corruption in a populace and how to use it to manipulate them. Includes recipe for Nightmare Wine with detailed notes, deconstruction of the magic used, and lists of side effects and how to provoke them.


Name Description
The Ruby Eye Scarlet’s glass eye.
The Sapphire Eye Princess Azure’s Glass Eye.
Soul Loom The structure south of Azure City housing a magical machine.
Plane Gate Hookah Prison of the fugitive immortal, Pyroska.

Quest Items

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