Racial Traits

Ability Score Adjustment:

+2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma
-2 Strength

Favored Classes:

Bard or Rogue




Land: 20
Swim: 10
Climb: 5

Acclimatization Bonuses:



Phobokai are proportionately identical to Zha’kai but scaled down to Gaian size, or slightly shorter. They are all female. They have midnight-black flesh marked with white stripes, unlike Zha’Kai these stripes more often resemble tiger stripes than zebra but there is little conformity to the stripe pattern and most patterns are unique to the Phobe or their family. The lips, nipples, nails, palms and souls of the feet are white. All Phobes grow hair on their heads and pubic region, it is so thick and soft that it is often likened to fur. Some grow light or sparse body hair elsewhere. A Phobe’s hair is always white or silver with a metalic sheen. The eyes are all black with white or silver rings around the pupils like a solar eclipse. All Phobes are born with a hairy, monkey-like tail which is long enough to reach up and coil around the neck at least one time, but often a few.

Blood of the Trickster:

A phobe’s flesh is photo-active causing it to fade when out of direct light, the effect of this is the appearance of partially transparency. When partially clothed, wearing only pants or a shirt, a phobe will receive a +2 racial bonus to Hide checks made while in shadows. While wearing nothing and carrying only a weapon this bonus increases to +6.

Phoban physiology is adapted for climbing. When her tail is unburdened and either bare handed or footed a phboe gains a +2 racial bonus to climb checks. With bare hands and feet the total bonus is +4 and her climb speed is increased by 5. This bonus is not compatible with the use of a Climbers Kit (phb.130), or any other equipment designed to cover the hands and feet.

A phobe with her tail unburdened enjoys a +4 racial bonus to balance checks and an additional +2 to climb checks.

The phoban tail while useful for securing a grip while climbing is not terribly strong. A phobe can hang from it while gripping a branch but could not pull herself up by the power of her tail alone. It is rarely seen, but a phobe may wield a light weapon with her tail, though she does so with a -6 to hit and a -1 to damage. A phobe with a base attack of +5 may take a feat to reduce the hit penalty to a -2, the damage penalty can not be negated but stacks with strength and related modifiers normally.

Physiology – Etheric Retina:

A phobe can see in the dark up to 60 feet, in black and white but otherwise just as she would see normally.

If a phobe spends 3 full rounds concentrating (18 sec), she can focus her eyes into the ethereal. Once focused, her eyesight will function similar to the spell Detect Magic (phb.219). In addition to magical items and auras, a phobe will see the auras of living and undead creatures and plants, aura strength in these cases reflects the relative health of the creature or plant. She will immediately distinguish life, plant life, unlife, and magic as well as number of auras and their strength at a glance. This ability does not detect lingering auras. Focusing her eyes in this way removes her ability to perceive visible light. In man made environments, cities, dungeons, stone castles, etc. this can render her essentially blind except for the auras of others and their items making it impossible to navigate. In natural environments this isn’t a problem. In either case she receives a -2 to attack rolls and AC while focused this way because she can see neither her enemy’s armor nor weapon. Because this is a physiological adaptation anti-magic, or similar magical suppression fields cannot prevent its use but may obscure magical auras in the area. All auras are subject to diminishing brilliance when they pass through obscuring matter, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of dead wood or dirt will completely obscure an aura even within range. To re focus her eyes to perceive the material plane again the phobe must spend another 3 full rounds concentrating.

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