Human Culture

Trade Apprenticeship

Gain 4 ranks in the craft or profession skill of your choice for free at level 1.

Cultural bonus of +2 to diplomacy checks.

Cultural Pluralism

Humans are a diverse people traditions differ village to village in rural areas or house by house in urban environments. As a youth you assimilated the traditions of an historical region, choose this region from those below.

Kingdoms of the Hammer Mountains

Gain bonus feats for the following weapon proficiencies: light hammer, light pick, heavy pick, long (lucerne) hammer.

Skilled in the use of traditional war paints, the character may forgo the use of a helmet to gain the following bonuses: +1 to critical threat and multiplier, +2 cultural bonus to intimidate or bluff (feint) checks made in combat.

The Empire of Thebes

Gain a cultural bonus of +2 to appraise, bluff, diplomacy, and sense motive skill checks.

Profits from honest work using the craft or profession skill are increased by 25%. This bonus extends to the profits of any business the character founds and then leaves in the capable hands of followers.

Serrecka City States

Gain a +4 cultural bonus to handle animal and ride checks.

There is no penalty for using a ranged weapon while your mount is moving in combat and the attack penalty for using a ranged weapon while your mount is running is reduced to a -4. Casting a spell while your mount is moving requires no concentration check. Casting while the mount is running at double or quadruple speed are DC10 and DC15 respectively. Controlling a light mount in combat is a ride check, DC15. Complete rules for mounted combat are in the PHB on page 157.

The Triikaar Magocratic Union

A spell was passed down through your family as a rite of passage, regardless of class you may choose from the following list a spell that you may cast once per day: acid splash (196), flare (232), ray of frost (269), touch of fatigue (294), disrupt undead (223), and mage hand (294). DC = 10 + charisma or intelligence modifier, whichever is higher.

Wizards of this culture are not required to specialize.

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Human Culture

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