Racial Traits

Ability Score Adjustment:

+2 Wisdom, +1 Constitution
-1 Dexterity, -1 Strength

Favored Classes:

Druid or Ranger




Land: 20
Swim: 20
Climb: 5

Acclimatization Bonuses:

Any tropic or arctic with pools of comfortable liquid water count as 0.


Greliin generally stand slightly taller than a human, males tending to be 10-20% larger than females. Despite their height, Greliin bodies are proportionately smaller than a humans. They are slightly longer in the neck and torso with long strong unguligrade legs ending in a two toed hoof. Their flesh is a hue ranging from aquatic blues to deep purples with geometrically patterned lighter speckles running down the back and arms, it’s texture is firmer than human flesh, smooth and rubbery. They grow no hair on their bodies. The Greliin face lacks a nose, instead two oblong nostrils couture the eyebrow where it meets the forehead, they are about a half inch long and can be sealed by muscles in the face. The most prominent feature of the face are the eyes, proportionately large, with no whites and a multiple eyelid blink. Greliin arms are proportionate in length to their torso, the forearm has a retractable diaphanous fin. All Greliin have a tail, it is strong, thick and broadly shaped; at a profile, a semi-retractable, diaphanous fin halos the tip of the tail and up to the small of the back. Tail length varies from hatching to hatching even among a single spawn, adults rarely exceed a 3.5 foot tail; females averaging 2.5 ft, males 3 ft. Hips protrude from the torso to support the legs which are large for the creatures frame. Legs are unguligrade, like the hind legs of a deer or horse ending in a two toed hoof. On the leg between the ankle and the hoof are 3 rows of small fins resembling butterfly wings.

Elemental Kin

A greliin can determine whether or not water is clean in the wild.

Spells that directly manipulate or create water are enhanced if cast by a greliin. For offensive spells this generally means the DC to resist such a spell is increased by 2. For defensive or utility spells, in most cases, this means increasing the spell output by 50%. The list of spells this bonus affects includes, but is not limited to, spells listed under ‘Water Domain’ in the PHB on page 189. This list should be used as a reference to help determine if other spells should receive the bonus.


Tail assisted swimmer. Swim speed significantly increased.

With his tail, a greliin may attempt to trip a humanoid target in a square he threatens as a combat action or as part of his full attack action.

While standing on the ground greliin recieve a +4 to all checks to resist a bull rush, tripping, etc. as long as his tail is unburdened.

A greliin character can hold his breath four times as long as a human of equal constitution.

Greliin receive a +4 to saves against fumes, gasses, sprays, breath weapons and other attacks using a delivery method that requires the victim to inhale or affecting the eyes. In order to receive this bonus the character must be aware of the danger. Activating ones seals is a free action.

The normal distortion of light passing from air into water is compensated for by a greliin’s phisiology, allowing them to always see clearly from under water when viewing objects above the surface.

Greliin receive a racial skill bonus of 4 to Swim.

While swimming or submerged in water a greliin receives racial skill bonus of 2 to the following skills: Escape Artist, Hide, Listen, Move Silent, Spot.

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