Racial Traits

Ability Score Adjustment:

+1 to Constitution

Classes Restrictions:

Gaians may choose any class but must forfeit any and all arcane magical powers associated with that class. Gaians lack the ability to channel and affect arcane magic, this includes casting spells and any spell like powers the class may embody. Alternatively, Gaians are the only race that may select class levels (and associated skills and feats) from The Expanded Book Of Psionics. Gaians favor any class.




Land: 20
Swim: 10
Climb: 5

Acclimatization Bonuses:



Gaians are 3.5 ft tall humans. Their body proportions are identical to a humans but scaled down to half height.

Human Ingenuity:

Gaians gain 4 bonus skill points at level 1, and 1 every level after.

Cybernetic Herritage:

The Disable Device skill is treated as being a class skill regardless of the character’s class and the character receives a racial bonus of +2 to disable device checks.

Gaians, from birth, have a nano-robotic sympathetic system integrated into their bodies. The penalties from any form of resurrection are halved. Severed limbs are eventually replaced with fully functioning mechanical limbs via natural body processes after 1-3 months.

Additionally Gaians are born with an entirely mechanical extension of their body which, in time, develops into a tool suitable to the Gaian’s lifestyle. At character creation the player must choose the gadget his character will have for life. Depending on plot circumstances this item may have the opportunity to evolve. Below are choices I thought up but you might be more creative, run any ideas by your DM.

All in One Thieves’ Tool:

Functions as masterwork thieves’ tools and works on Gaian technology.

Holographic Shield:

Functions as a small sized medium shield, weightless, completely concealed when not in use.

Holographic Sword:

Functions as a small sized dagger, short sword, or long sword, with +1 to critical threat and multiplier, easy to conceal.

Kinetic Barrier:

Reduces the damage of physical melee attacks by 1 and ranged attacks by 2.

Personal Assistance Drone:

Functions similarly to a Sorcerer’s Familiar.

Plasma Caster:

Functions as a small sized heavy crossbow reduced reload requirements and no ammo cost.

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