Only one order of monks has ever existed in the history of Thebes, the Expatriate Order. Often in their history have the many temples of the order banded together to wage full scale war. It’s membership has drawn peasants, nobles, politicians, generals and even royalty. Since its leadership has been drawn from equally diverse background the training is slightly more diverse.

Game Rule Information

Expatriates have the following game statistics.


Expatriates may choose any alignment, while their training requires discipline, the orders most frequent historic enemy has been tyrannical government.


In addition to the class skills afforded a monk, an expatriate receives the following skills as class skills: bluff, decipher script, knowledge (history), knowledge (nobility and royalty) use magic device.

Weapons and Armor

In addition to the weapons afforded a monk, an expatriate receives kriss, wakizashi, katana, and daikatana. The expatriate may wield a katana in one hand without penalty, if he so chooses, as if he has the katana exotic weapon proficiency. The kriss and wakizashi are considered a special monk weapon but a katana may be used during a flurry of blows if it has an awakened soul of a past warrior of the exact same alignment as the expatriate. Daikatanas are normally only employed against mounted foes and may not be employed in a flurry of blows.

Expatriates are trained in the use of shields (but not tower shields), light, medium, and heavy armor but prefer scale or banded mail if they choose to don armor. Some class abilities are unavailable for use while wearing armor, they are as follows: AC bonus (Ex), flurry of blows (Ex), fast movement (Ex).

Awakened Items

When an expatriate dies a piece of his soul is transferred to his favored item in life, a piece of armor or, most often, a weapon. Some of these weapons are kept by the order, some as trophies of the orders enemies, but most are lost amongst the populace of the mortal realm influencing fate in imperceivably small ways. When such an item is discovered it is often dormant but may be reawakened through a ritual which requires gold that will be consumed by the item. Awakening an item will imbue it with magical power according to the table below. An expatriate can only awaken an item with which he has a single common alignment axis to +3, their alignments must be identical to awaken beyond that. Such an item, even while dormant will refuse to function for a any entity of directly opposed alignment, this is most often how dormant items are discovered.

Weapon Bonus Gold Consumed in GP Min. Character Level
+1 2,000 4th
+2 8,000 7th
+3 18,000 9th
+4 32,000 11th
+5 50,000 13th
+6* 72,000 14th
+7* 98,000 15th
+8* 128,000 16th
  • A weapon can’t actually have a bonus higher than +5. Use these lines to determine price when special abilities are added in. Example: An expatriate who has a +4 katana can transform it into a +4 thundering katana with a sacrifice of 40,000 gp, since
    thundering is a special ability equivalent to a +2 bonus.

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