Exiled Fleet Culture

Military Training

All characters from the exiled fleet gain 4 ranks in the profession: sailor skill at level 1. Your profession: sailor skill will be augmented by your selection of one of the following feats, representing your background of expertise. The exact duties of each will depend on the ship design chosen by the players at character creation, but some basic duties will be listed below.

Piloting and Command

Favored Ability: Dexterity, Charisma
Duties Include: Coordination of ship functions, maneuvering and propulsion.

Harmonics and Gravitation

Favored Ability: Intelligence, Wisdom
Duties Include: Balancing the elemental shell or contorting it to various effect, gravity.

Cannon Battery and Munitions

Favored Ability: Strength, Wisdom
Duties Include: Operation of cannons, payload selection and powder measuring.

Science and Fabrication

Favored Ability: Intelligence, Strength
Duties Include: Sensors, ship repair.

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Exiled Fleet Culture

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