Dream Leaf

Dream leaf is a common plant that has a variety of uses to the savvy adventurer.

Survival Check Doses
15 1d3
Every +2 after 15 +1

Can be used as a substitute for sage or tobacco for the purposes of material spell components and use in Folk Magic.

When dried and used as an incense it affords a bonus of +4 to saves against any kind of scrying effect from any source, this does not effect blindsight, tremor sense, or any other natural senses of a creature. The effect must have afford the target a saving throw otherwise the magic is too strong for the incense to obscure. In addition any creature intending harm to a target protected by the incense may not teleport, dimension door, or any similar effect into or out of the protected area. Similarly no creature may be summoned into the protected area if its summoner is protected by incense. Incense provides protection to any number of allies intended by the user within 60ft of the burner or source while stationary and under gentle wind conditions. While moving no faster than a walk, or under moderate wind conditions the radius is reduced to 30ft. Provides protection for 1 hour per dose. The lighter of the incense specifies the creatures to be protected at the lighting.

When dried and smoked it causes gentle euphoria and mild to moderate hallucinogenic effects for 1 hour. For 10 Minutes after smoking, the character receives a temporary penalty of -4 to Dex and Wis. This penalty is reduced to -2 for the rest of the hour. Spell casters can take advantage of the altered mental state to empower their magic as described below.

Fear and Illusion spells receive a bonus of +6 to their save DC.
Sorcerers and Bards receive a bonus of +2 to the save DC of all spells Bonus does not stack with the above.
Cure spells never heal less than half of their maximum potential (die roll not including pluses) and the final total healing is increased by 50%.

Dream Leaf

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