Creating a Smoke Nymph

Any character that had smoked fumelilly and received Pyroska’s kiss may summon a Fumillde, commonly called a Smoke Nymph. Once created, the nymph becomes loyal to the summoner, a permanent ally. These are the rules for creating your nymph.

Nymph Levels, Class Rules and Spell Like Abilities

The nymph begins with a number of creature levels according to the below chart, and one PC Class level from the below list. The nymph is also eligible for NPC class levels but from then on the nymph is no longer eligible for creature levels.

PC Class Levels: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer

PC Level Nymph HD (d8) Dodge Bonus to AC Ability Bonus Spell Like Abilities Base Attack Bonus Base Saves
9-11 6 +6 +3 4 +6 +2Fort, +5Ref, +2Will
12-14 8 +8 +4 5 +7 +2 Fort, +6 Ref, +2 Will
15-17 10 +10 +5 6 +8 +3 Fort, +7 Ref, +3 Will
Spell Like Abilities

DC = 10 + (Lv/ 2) + CHA
(1 + CHA)/ Day

In addition to being able to cast Gaseous Form at will as a spell like ability, the nymph gains a small pool of spells she may cast from based on her creature level. She may cast from this pool once plus her charisma modifier per day. The spells in this pool are chosen from the following lists:

Choose One -

Charm Monster, Greater Invisibility, Fire Shield, Persistent Image, Dimension Door, Solid Fog

Choose the Rest -

Dancing Lights, Flare, Ghost Sound, Unseen Servant, Obscuring Mist, Produce Flame, Burning Hands, Shocking Grasp, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Fog Cloud, Endure Elements, Longstrider, Pass Without Trace, Heat Metal

Alignment and Deity

All smoke nymphs are created one step chaotic of their summoners alignment, adopting their summoner’s general philosophy of the world while maintaining the slothful mischievousness common to all of their kind. Whatever their alignment they maintain Pyroska as on of their main deities.

Special Defenses

Miss Chance: 20%
Damage Reduction: 5 – Water, Earth
Energy Absorption – Fire/ 2
Energy Absorption – Electricity/ 2

Size and Ability Scores

The nymph’s base ability scores are determined by the type of smoke used in her creation. The below chart shows common smokes and the resulting base ability scores.

- Fumelilly Dream Leaf Sage Tobacco
STR 10 10 8 12
DEX 17 15 15 15
CON 13 13 11 15
INT 10 10 10 10
WIS 8 8 14 8
CHA 15 17 15 13

The nymph may be created as a small or medium creature. The Nymph’s base ability scores are adjusted to reflect her size according to the below chart.

- Str Adj Dex Adj Speed
Small -2 +2 20
Medium +2 -2 30
Natural Attacks

In addition to gaining weapon proficiencies according to class selection, the nymph begins with one of the following primary natural attacks.

Smoldering Touch

Melee Touch Attack, 1d4 + CHA Fire Damage (each hand), Ignite Threat 15.

Ignite threat is treated as a critical strike and must be confirmed, however unlike a critical strike Smoldering Touch need not hit the target in order to threaten an ignition, and may be confirmed on the roll of a natural 15 or higher even if such a roll wouldn’t normally hit. Once ignited the target burns, taking 2d4 + CHA fire damage per round until they spend a full round action rolling on the ground or some other appropriate action is taken. If an already burning target is ignited they pop, dealing an additional 3d4 + CHA fire damage to themselves and every one within 5 feet of them, Ref save for half DC19, the primary target receives no save.

Ashstorm Grenade

Grenade Weapon, 20ft Range Increment, 1d6 + STR Bludg, Fuming.

These heavy, smoking stones can be created by the nymph at will but smoulder out of existence within 3 rounds of creation. When thrown they leave a trail of thick, pale yellow smoke in their wake and in a 10 foot radius a the impact point centered on the corner furthest from the nymph. This smoke provides partial concealment and increases a smoke nymph’s natural miss chance to 50% while she stands in the cloud. Breathing targets within these clouds must make a DC19 Fort save or become sickened for 3 rounds. As a free action any smoke nymph within the cloud may dimension door to any other position within the cloud, doing causes a sooty orange bolt of lightning to arc about the cloud dealing dealing 6d6 + CHA Electricity Damage to all targets within the cloud, DC19 Fort save for half. Smoke Clouds sink harmlessly to the ground within 3 rounds of their creation. This ability crits normally.

Blast Wave

Ranged Touch Attack or added to a Weapon Attack, 30ft Range, 1d20 Air, Tripping.

Used as a ranged attack or as part of a single melee or ranged attack this ability is always a tripping attack. When used as part of a melee attack Blast Wave damage is added to the normal attack damage. In the attack misses but the attack roll is higher than the target’s Touch AC then Blast Wave still hits. When this ability hits it forces an opposed trip check modified by its damage (not including weapon damage in such cases), the nymph may use her charisma modifier instead of her strength for this roll.

Skills and Feats

The nymph begins with play with her creature HD + 3 ranks in the hide skill and 3 other skills from the following list: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Knowledge: Planes, Listen, Perform, Ride, Sense Motive, Spellcraft. These skills remain class skills but the nymph gains skills as dictated by their class levels otherwise after creation.

Nymphs begin with a bonus feat and otherwise gains feats based on her hit die as a PC, according to the on page 22 of the PHB.


A smoke nymph sees normally in dense smoke or fog such as an obscuring mist spell or similar effect.

A smoke nymph is immune to all poisonous, noxious, acidic or otherwise harmful smokes, fumes, vapors and gasses.

A smoke nymph heals 1 hit point per round that she is smoking a pipe, cigar or other paraphernalia. This bonus is increased to 2 hit points per round if she is smoking Fumelilly.

A Smoke nymph may travel as dimension door within any cloud of smoke, but not a fog mist or steam.

Creating a Smoke Nymph

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