Associates and Followers


A player character can recruit no more followers than 3 plus his charisma modifier.

Usually only 1 follower may accompany a player character on a mission.

Followers gain 50% experience when assisting a player character.

In the event of player character death, new characters may be a current follower.


Name Race Gender Class
Clive Human Male Wizard
Dietlinde Dryad Female Sorcerer
Johannah - Female Druid
Mars Zha’Kai Female Wizard
Tessa Noorwood Celestially Aligned Human Female -


Name Race Gender Class
Elisa Zha’Kai Female Expatriate
Felipe Celestially Aligned Greliin Male Barbarian
Samuel Human Male -

Cho Ku Throk

Name Race Gender Class
Arcturus Gaian Male Psychic Warrior
Rad Celestially Aligned Gaian Male Psion


Iris Copperbrand

Name Race Gender Class
Ashley Tiefling Female Sorcerer, Rogue
Luitgard Zha’Kai Female Professional
Sindall Human Female Dancer

Winston Scarsdale

Name Race Gender Class
Adelaide Zha’Kai Female Wizard
Chassis Construct Female Fighter
Zekkyra Celestially Aligned Phobo’Kai Female Ranger


Name Race Gender Class

Celestially Aligned

Celestially Aligned followers possess the same galvanizing charisma shared by the main characters and as so may gain followers themselves, especially if they are used to steward a keep, business, or other such venture.

Name Race Gender Class
Name Race Gender Class
Name Race Gender Class
Tessa Noorwood
Name Race Gender Class
Name Race Gender Class
Renna Human Female -

Associates and Followers

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