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  • Chassis

    Chassis can be found working all hours in the Science Lab when she's not on assignment.

  • Adelaide

    Grew up with her artist-mother and studied harmonics on The Zephyra before being tapped for a position on the team that designed the equinox, she took the job, a military one, as a final act of rebellion against her mother. On Erden she worked under …

  • Cordelia

    Quiet and observant, Cordelia is one of the youngest members of the crew.

  • Samuel

    Samuel grew up with his two mothers and three sisters. Each day he would wake up and braid one of his sister's hair, he loved this. He would then sit down to a breakfast, usually just a grapefruit so he could keep his figure. After that they usually …

  • Marin

    Marin was found in her igloo laboratory by Roland, she now accompanies the party.

  • Magna

    Magna never had much luck in winning friends, but that's ok: she's studied hard enough at wizard school that she can summon his own! And how! plus 3, Icy Burst, Defending, Estoc 2d4 plus 1d6 plus 3 Dmg 19x3 knows attenuating spell for pillar of …

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