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  • Violiana

    Party first met her on patrol. According to her, she is one of many undead, tasked with guardianship of the night side of planet Birth. She came to Birth City when she discovered the Necropolis had fallen to the red army to warn the Zha'Kai government. …

  • Katarine

    Zha'Kai law requires that a non-Zha of foreign birth be adopted young and educated by the state for the purposes of administering the silent house, this is Katarine's story.

  • Scarlet

    Former proprietor of the Two Torches, a bar in the Day-Side slums of New Thebes. Storied to be Scarlet Voss of the Voss banking cartel, one of the prominent founding families of New Thebes. According to the story, her family was forced out of banking two …

  • Nicola Datseilk

    According to stories, the Datseilk family made their fortune in precious metals and eventually jewelry. Nicola Datseilk, the last living descendant was widowed and lives with his late wife's daughter, Violet, in his estate. The party understands …

  • Violet

    Little is known of Violet, she is always found in the company of her adopted father, Datseilk. According to Iris, Violet is the more cruel of the pair.

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