Thebes: Equinox

Captains log star date 2
Ronald be warned.

For some reason one of the sailors decided to attack Cho. Zekkyra wandered down the stairs to help Cho with a couple sailors while I valiantly fought off five heavily armed trained assassins. After awhile it was determined that a wizard was attacking Roland. I encourage Cho and Zekkyra to assist Roland with the wizard. After avoiding blow after blow I got bored of the assassins and made my way down to the room with Roland. Upon arriving Roland was guarding the door and took on the duty of thwarting the lowly sailors. I wandered into the room and attacked the lady who was clearly in the corner of the room. The lady then grabbed her duffle bag and incense candle upon which she whispered something and then disappeared.

Roland questioned the captain about why he attacked us. The captain said he was afraid for his family if he didn’t protect the lady as she is very powerful. He said there was an evil wizard on the rock that they stole an artifact from, that is what caused the wizard to attack and injure his crew. The evil wizard didn’t like that they stole the artifact. Meanwhile, I opened a chest left behind by the lady, inside the chest were 2 robes, a scourge, and a smaller box that glows. I swooped up all of the items and joined the party. Roland was still talking with the captain and found out the lady was going to Gasra.

We got back on the ship and had a talk with Winston about smuggler ships. He says he doesn’t care what we do with such people so a precedent is set that we take the goods we want and then let smuggler ships go. With that being said Cho flies the clock bot onto the other ship, rips the telescope off and brings it back.

Looking through the telescope Zekkyra notices the island has an alien building on it. We pulled up beside the island and noticed a broken crystal. Using the crystal and our ship we extended our bubble over the island. The island has a bunch of columns which turn out to be crumbled feet and a large building. There was also another another crystal some place on the island. The crystal was enormous much like the one found on Erden. Roland does his magic and links up with the island’s main crystal extending the bubble over the entire island. Roland volunteers to be teleported to the door of the building where he doesn’t follow instructions and tries to talk. After no one responds he opens the doors and casts light on a pebble throwing it in. These actions of are being noted in his file. The hallway is full of dead sailors and relief sculptures with a large room that has 4 doors in it.

Not sure if we want to go in and noticing a tingling feeling we decide to explore the island aboard our ship some more. Rolling around to the other side of the island we see a large blue object, that turns out to be a bunch of stones. Cho volunteers to climb the tree and grab one. They make us feel odd. We decide to pick them up and begin filling our hold. As we are doing this we get a call from Erden about three Aszian ships coming our way. History tells us these guys are not to be messed with, so I command the party to split up with one team to explore the building while the other continues the crystal gathering process. To hedge our bets against the Aszians I had Cho fly out our teleporting drone towards home.

Items gained by party:
2 robes of red/black color
1 scourge
1 small box that glows dimly of magic

Captains log star date 1
Winston is worthless, written from First Mates perspective

Docked at primary island Erden for some training. We are told a mysterious object is floating into space from the ice side. I say that we are not ready for such a mission but Winston overrules and off we go. Winston wanders off after giving the order leaving us confused.

We fly away, as flying Jen randomly fires all 6 cannons out into space. I don’t know what she was thinking but lets hope we never find out any repercussions. As we approach the object we notice it is a giant rock, with a small ship passing by. We steer course for the small ship. Flanking the ship our bubbles merge. The opposing ship is full of humans that have a discussion with Roland. The ship is from Vargus, they claim to be traders running through space. With suspicion we board the other ship via teleportation. The captain gives us a tour. The ship has a magical telescope on the front of it, the captain has a magical sword, and the crew is injured.

Upon going into the hold of the ship we Jen notices a large magical object in the back of the ship. Roland questions the captain what the magical item is. The captain tries to avoid the discussion but Roland insists and we have the crew clear a path to the back of the ship. The captain of the ship and several crew members draw weapons but Roland maintains a diplomatic state, despite having the entire party buffed by and ready to fight these smugglers.

After the boxes were cleared the door cracked opened to a woman. She didn’t seem to be of much interest and kept the talk to mostly small talk. The door opens and Roland walks in, inside the room there is a desk with a book on it. There is a duffel bag with stuff in it. There is an incense stand making the room smell fruity. They chit chat and then she asks Roland to just leave… compellingly…he doesn’t care and tells her to give him the reason why they were attacked…

The Ship:
1 captain + 1 pilot + Harolde in command center, 6 deck hands for maneuvering, 6 gunners + 12 cannoniers + jen in gun bay, Adelaide the wizard + Dietlinde the Sorcerer + Roland in harmonic lab, 5 people + Cho in science lab, 8 helpers to fill in.
Bubble shaped room with matrix of crystals used by Roland to create large bubble that provides us shields, water, wind, air, shoots fire, arcs lightning, bends elements in whatever ways
Tree helps extend bubble
Purple crystal is focus crystal, they connect to harmonics bay and shoot lasers/spells
Blue circles, group of 3 is a gun bay, 6 cannons, 6 gatling guns, hung from hydraulic arms on ceiling.
Grey lines are maneuvering sails, manned for awesomeness
Back lower deck is where science bay is, drones, Both drones can fly, 1 drone has focus crystal that does long range attacks including the casters touch attacks, pad can blink people to target location. 1 drone is clock work golem that is tanky, communication system crystal bound to main island
Ship can charge up blink furnace can teleport us 300 yards or to the focus crystal drone, 5-10 rounds to be able to blink, throwing a magical item in furnace gives instant charge.


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