Thebes: Equinox


Roland's Log

The city of Skybridge is aptly named after the massive magical bridge protruding from the city’s center into the sky, connecting it to the multitude of floating islands which I’m told are the remains of a world called Thebes. Jocelyn is the patron immortal of the city. She has been described as frigid, which I would agree with. She is obsessed with not interfering with what she refers to as the affairs of mortals, though it feels more like she is sitting in the center of her shiny city while whats left of creation crumbles around her.

Skybridge is divided up into districts ruled of course by wealthy aristocracy, of which Iris is apparently descended from. So we met the steward of what is now Iris’ manor. Later the sphinx Iseret was kind enough to forge some kind of magical doorway into the house, which we can access from any door with the aid of a magical key. So, in effect, we have what could be considered a permanent base of operations despite what I assume will be a considerable amount of traveling.

Another one of the districts is ruled by the Voss family, of which Scarlet and her surprise daughter Margery are heir to. Naturally Datsielk intended to marry this girl, who we would later learn has spent the entirety of her brief life being brainwashed into thinking he’s a nice guy. Everyone in town knew about and seemed to be excited about the coming wedding, and important people were traveling from afar to attend. We had no idea how this wedding would further Datsielk’s goals.

Our first night in town we returned to Luitgarde’s ancestral keep, which was promptly attacked and set aflame by white elves. We escaped with the drunken inhabitants of the house through cave tunnel in the basement. This attack and subsequent fire, we would learn after returning to the keep, was to clear the way for a man(?) who called himself Ambassador Danzig to extract an artifact that had apparently been hidden within the keep long ago. After some polite conversation we were beset by his allies, and he escaped with the artifact.

In the process of healing Mars of her corruption, I was alerted to the presence of another magical item of interest. What did it do exactly? Well dammit as usual I didn’t know. I did know however that certain parties were interested in acquiring it before the wedding. One of those parties seemed to be allied with the immortal Hannaniah. So, grasping at straws, we decided to attempt to attain the damn thing.

After following some leads, we found ourselves escorted in a magic carriage to a mansion in the jungle outside of town. The mansion was of course owned by Ambassador Danzig who, course, had the item we were in search of. He was persuaded to loan us the item, under the condition that we would owe him a favor.

We took the orb to a book shop with Hananiah’s insignia visible from the outside. There were a couple of phobans inside. They weren’t too polite or accommodating or explainy but they did do some work on the orb. Modified it somehow.

A sphinx explained to us that if we placed the parts of the orb around the magical nexus it would allow for powerful illusions to go undetected by Jocelyn and others. I ran around and placed them, and met Katarine, the steward of the silent house who we hadn’t seen in some time, outside the compound. We walked in, and Katarine revealed herself to be Hananiah! After making some frowny faces, Jocelyn was imprisoned by Hananiah in what appeared to be a pane of glass, and stowed away. Hananiah then assumed Jocelyn’s form, summoned all the other immortals, and told them to free Zachariah from prison. Then, she went about helping us remove Datsielks forces which had metastasized throughout the city.

We marched with Jocelyn’s guard to the Voss estate and raided it in search of the artifact stolen from Luitgard’s keep. I tracked it through the basement, and through a tunnel that led beneath the city. We encountered a carriage being driven by Scarlet and escorted by some white elves outside of the gate to skybridge(otherwise known as big customs).

The ensuing battle seemed to go smoothly enough. We were even accompanied by Hananiah(disguised as Jocelyn). Hananiah went directly into the cabin while we dealt with Scarlet and her goons outside, and opened a coffin that had Datsielk was hiding in. The area was submerged in a powerful magical darkness, and it didn’t sound like Hananiah was faring too well. The only think any of us could see in the darkness was Iris. I made my way over to her with the intention of cutting our losses and bearing her from the blackness. She hesitated though, and said she saw this in a dream. She then hurled her weapon at Datsielk, and seemed to wound him mortally. He dropped the artifact, and disappeared with his darkness. This left me free to collect a fleeing Scarlet.

In the aftermath of the battle, everyone inside the Voss manor was rounded up and arrested. I captured Scarlet, and removed that strange red glowing gem from her eye socket, which I knew would kill her. Before doing so, I tried to convince her to come back to life when called, that we could heal her. And come back she did. I constructed a special prison on Iris’ estate to house poor Margery, in the hopes of rehabilitating her. I released the rest of the prisoners, which included some dignitaries from Azure City.

We also had dinner with Ambassador Danzig at his estate, who was grateful in our hand in saving ‘his city’ from, what we later learned, was some kind of magical bomb that when powered by the magical energies coursing through the sky bridge, would have converted the inhabitants of the city to undead creatures. He also warned us about a disease that exists in the lands controlled by Violus, though he had no knowledge on how to avoid or cure it.

There was also the matter of the hidden army waiting to march on the city once the undead bomb had gone off. They were dispatched easily enough with the aid of Roc and Whisper.

This leaves us free to journey on to Azure City, which we learned has another hidden force waiting for some unknown que to attack.



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