The Sisters of Shattered Light

The diabolical daughters of Datseilk.


Haunting the path of the party, are the deceptive and terrifying Sisters of Shattered Light. Each, a once innocent girl or woman implanted with a powerful, magically intelligent, glass eye. Their weapons and clothing seem to be fashioned from the very fabric of nightmares and their loyalty to Datseilk is absolute.



Violet looks to be no older than fourteen with alabaster skin and delicate, innocent features. Raven, ringletted tresses fall over her left eye and reach to the small of her back. She dresses in a provocative, black dress and wears a purple bow cinched with a tiny bird skull, in her hair.

Little is known of Violet, she is always found in the company of Datseilk.

According to Iris, Violet is the more cruel of the pair.

Princess Azure

Marissa Conrad, better known as Princess Azure seemed to stop aging entirely 10 years ago when her parents died, she was sixteen. She carries a slender frame and long black hair.

She first meets the party in Skybridge while attending the Voss Wedding. She was under the party’s custody but her troop of paladins convinced the party to release her.

After orchestrating the attack on Azure City and deliberately sending the party in to danger under false information, she murdered the last of the paladin order serving the throne in preparation of her attempted assassination of our heroes. It wouldn’t matter, after murdering a small army, she was too spent to effectively deal with the party’s confrontation.

The party collected the Sapphire Eye from her corpse, in the light it cast the party found casting spells difficult.

Scarlet Voss

Scarlet was briefly subjugated by the Ruby Eye, she was slain and resurrected and now lives in Birdsong Gardens with her daughter and a shattered mind.

The Sisters of Shattered Light

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