Proprietor of The Two Torches.


An attractive woman in her late 20’s or early thirties, with hair dyed bright red and an eye patch.


Former proprietor of the Two Torches, a bar in the Day-Side slums of New Thebes. Storied to be Scarlet Voss of the Voss banking cartel, one of the prominent founding families of New Thebes. According to the story, her family was forced out of banking two generations ago and the new leadership is wholly responsible for the socioeconomic state of the city. She operated a criminal organization from the Two Torches dedicated to undermining the banking regime. She now seems to work for Datseilk.

According to her, she and Tarja are enemies, the terrorist apparently responsible for the loss of her eye.

Planet Fall +41 Days
Scarlet is discovered in Datseilk’s estate, guarding a restrained Violianna. She had become more attractive, physically and was dressed in provocative finery, such that she would seem at home in a ball room or a brothel. She acquiesced to the party’s demands but when threatened she escaped, performing a back-handspring and phasing through a book shelf.

Planet Fall +40 Days
A clone of her was found in the Septegram, the party rescued it from some grimy politician, leaving it out and wandering. When Scarlet woke she experienced clone-delirium and got herself arrested. The party failed to save her from Violet’s carriage to the Septegram.


Thebes: Equinox Violus