Nicola Datseilk

The First Born, Ancient One, Black Emperor, King of Red, The Eye Collector, The Doll Keeper


Datseilk first appeared to the party in the deepest, darkest depths of the Septagram as a well manicured man in his late sixties with handsome, if severe, features. Smartly dressed and politely spoken he carries himself with confidence and dignity.


According to stories, the Datseilk family made their fortune in precious metals and eventually jewelry. Nicola Datseilk, the last living descendant was widowed and lives with his late wife’s daughter, Violet, in his estate.

The party understands Datseilk to be a powerful White Elven Lord. He has likely been masquerading as a human since the first invasion of Thebes by the Red Empire over 1000 years ago, sewing the seeds of his vile works. For a number of years, until her escape, he held Iris in custody at his estate in New Thebes.

Nicola Datseilk

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