Thebes: Equinox

The flight of The Equinox

Roland's Log

Having landed by surprise in a snowbank on a dark and hostile part of the planet, we set about trying not to die. The poor souls that were standing on deck when the atmosphere suddenly shifted to sub arctic temperatures were wounded gravely. One sailor in particular had his wind pipe frozen, and he proceeded to cough up frothy black blood as I set about saving his life. The image lingered in my mind for some time after.

We attempted to repurpose the solar flare function of the harmonics bay to warm the air immediately around our ship and perhaps even melt the snow enough to grant us some water to float on. It did warm the air somewhat, but the boat slowly sank into the surrounding snow.

We were eventually greeted by a greylin woman who seemed to not be bothered by the cold. This was because she apparently counted herself among the undead. She had taken the liberty of dispatching a furnace golem to our location as well, which proved to be of some use later. Not only was she the first undead creature we’ve met who didn’t try to kill us, but she proved to be quite helpful and forthcoming with useful information.

She offered to take the crew to her sanctuary in the south, which, she claimed, was populated by more undead. She insinuated that the dead have more rights than the living there. Grateful as I was for her help, it seemed a bit too ominous to subject our crew to, unless as a last resort. The second option she offered was to ignite for us what she called the fire road. If we followed it lightwards, we would eventually find more hospitable climates. This also seemed like a grueling task to inflict on the crew. In addition, I would prefer not to abandon Dietlinde and the ship.

First officer Harolde chimed in with a seemingly ridiculous idea that turned out to be our best option; reconfigure the harmonics crystals to emit wind instead of fire, and outfit the ship to glide over land. We had enough strong synthetic friends to weather the worst of the hazards outside and complete the task.

Before leaving, I inquired about one of the beings who was sitting at the table with us in the place outside of time, who claimed to be hermited away in an arctic wasteland not unlike the one we found ourselves in. We have almost nothing to go on and push us forward to our goal, so it seemed sensible that the forces of fate would place her along our path. And it was so, the alchemist was indeed a few short miles away, though not wearing the body she wore at the table. This is troubling to me, because it means that the seer could be even harder to find than I first imagined.

Slowly, gingerly, I piloted the equinox across the frozen tundra from the harmonics bay. After three days the atmosphere became more hospitable. After a week, we found ourselves at the end of the fire road, although it was never lit, and the strange lodgings resting at it’s zenith. At the end of the road there were structures with beds and shelter for most of the crew, and a nearby tribal zachai village supplied us with food and wine and music. Their only request was that we await an emissary from the north.

So, wait we did. We explored out surroundings, which in addition to zachai were populated by a great number of suprisingly docile tigers. Zekkyra climbed one of the mountains to investigate a strange light at the top and returned with an amulet.

The emissary arrived with a small retinue of guards. She had many questions, and I explained to her at length our story up until that point. One of her guards knew of a pass to the south that would be big enough to navigate our ship through and continue lightwards.

Another week of air sailing went by. It was painfully slow going at times, and the tribal zachai villages that dotted the planescape were not as trusting or hospitable as their cousins. None the less, we found our way to the sea. We also located our long lost probe droid. And a strange city called Bore Hole.

Bore Hole seems to be mostly populated by phobans. They run a loose ship, to say the least. Despite this there seems to be a worthwhile vein of merchants and sages for the crew to mine. Based on what information I could gather there is a road that passes through the city we avoided earlier, and on into the magically preserved ruins of a planet called Thebes. I suspect that our lost seer resides there, although we have no way of knowing for sure. Fate has put us on the path, and now there is little else to do but walk it, for now.

Personally, I hope we find a way to maneuver the ship fully or at least closer to our destination, wherever that may be. I feel so close to making a breakthrough with Mars, and trying to manage a prisoner on the open road feels… daunting. Further, I know that many of the crew are quite attached to the ship, and I wouldn’t want to leave Dietlinde behind.

The ship is overpopulated though. Some crew members have expressed interest in departing. Perhaps Some of them will decide to live in Bore Hole.

Ring of ForceShield +2 ac shield – Harolde
Ring of Climbing +5 climb – Zekkyra
Amulet of False Life, +1d10 HP for 10 hours, 30 charges – Zekkyra



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